FFTT Week 6

Happy Friday!

I saw quite a few of you out at the “Run with Meb” event. Wasn’t he just amazing? So humble and funny!

A couple of things I took away from Meb at this event:

  • Blisters – Meb called himself “Mister Blister.” He said blisters are a common occurrence for runners (I’m sure you’ve already figured that out). He recommends using products to prevent blisters. For him, it’s Vaseline. 🙂
  • Pre-Run Fuel – Meb said if it is at least an hour before he runs, he eats a bagel with almond butter and honey. If it is within the hour, he will eat a banana.
  • Post-Run Fuel – Meb is very focused on his overall health and nutrition. He said he avoids desserts and similar items like ice cream. He makes sure he eats lots of servings of fruits for energy. Meb said that he had dinner at the White House not too long ago and didn’t even try the dessert.
  • On looking back in the final mile of the Boston Marathon – Meb told of his emotions and thoughts when he was coming down the final stretch at Boston. If you’ve seen the video, he continued to look over his shoulder, gauging the distance of his closest competitor. He said he wanted to make sure he did the best he could for Boston and didn’t want any surprises. He was encouraged by shouts of “U.S.A! U.S.A!” throughout the race and even was thinking that to himself in the final stretch. (I’ll admit it, I was tearing up.) He said after he finished Boston 2013, he stayed and cheered for other finishers, leaving not long before the bombs went off at the finish line. He said he thought for a year what he could do to “give back” to Boston and the running community. I would say his win did it!
  • Tips for beginners: You already made the toughest decision. I’m very proud of you. Now be patient. Be patient in life and in training.


OK… on to our run this weekend…

We’ve been through the heat this week but is looks like Mother Nature is giving us a reprieve… YAY! Accuweather is showing temps in the mid 60s during our run tomorrow. I CANNOT WAIT! I love running in this area and the temps are a bonus! Do not overdress! Short sleeves or a singlet will still be perfect for this weather once we get going.

We will mostly be on Greenway Trails but we still need to be aware of trail etiquette. We are a large group, so please limit our group to 2 across. We will have a couple of street crossings. We will cross together. If you’re leading the group and you come to the street we need to cross, hold up so we can cross together. A driver is more likely to see a large group than a single runner.

This is a 4 mile out & back. Please make sure you have enough water, hydration, and nutrition with you to carry you through. For nutrition, you should be figuring out what works for you. I typically try to “fuel” either through Sport Beans, Shot Blocks, or other chews, every 45 minutes during the run. When I hit 10 miles, I start craving something more substantial. Peanut butter crackers seem to work in that instance. That seems to be the “magic formula” for me. Now is the time for you to figure out what works, what doesn’t, and get your routine in place for race day. You don’t want to try anything new before or during race day.

Finally, we are moving to our final interval 3:1 for this week’s run.  You should have already been running this interval during this week, so this should be a piece of cake for you!

Please send me a quick note and let me know what your goal race is. I want to plan ahead for who I can support at each race.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Happy running!


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