FFTT Final Week

I got a little behind…  ahem… 5 weeks… posting about our training but my team keeps me honest.  During our final group run today, they started asking

“HEY!  What about all the pictures we stopped for?”

Well, I have a little downtime post run waiting for the yellow jackets to be eradicated, so I’ll use this time wisely.

The first run, when I couldn’t be with you.  😥  Queeny Park


From our first run together at Tower Grove Park (6 miles)Tower Grove Park

From Fenton City Park (7 miles)

Fenton City Park

A few of us after an 8 miler at Carondolet Park

Carondolet Park

GRAD RUN (12 miles)

First Stop:  Cathedral Basillica

20140920_071831 20140920_071834

Keiner Plaza Facing the rear of the Old Court House20140920_082719 20140920_082721 20140920_082724

Drury Inn & Suites… (funny side note:  last session, we stopped for a pic here and a woman was sitting at the table having breakfast.  She got up and posed behind us in the window.  This time, the woman having breakfast ducked down under the table!)20140920_083012

We made it!  The Gateway to the West!  The St. Louis Arch!20140920_083439

Our fearless leader… Coach sCary.  The things he does for us!




What?  Now we have to head back?


The sun had come out and was bearing down on us by this point, we were a little beat, and not as smiley!


But we finished and lived to run again!

From today’s run, the last 3 miles of RnR St. Louis Half Marathon Course (6 miles – total).

10416968_10154664188060394_2359173284209779154_n 1926830_10154664188490394_8174055014331903958_n

I’m so proud of these ladies & gents!  I’ve had such fun running with them this season!  I can’t wait to celebrate their race with them next week.

P.S.  A good portion of this group ran the Mo Cowbell last weekend, either instead of RnR or in addition too.

Some of them gathered for this picture prior to the race.

This makes me happy!

This pic just makes me happy!  In it are several first time Half Marathoners, 2 brand spankin’ new Half Fanatics, and several that will be HFs after next weekend.

Happy running!


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