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Fuel for the Run, Fuel for Life

Runners often talk about proper “fuel” for a run.  Usually it refers to the nutrition your body needs to provide energy and stamina to carry you through the long run.  Last week, though, a thought occurred to me and has stuck … Continue reading

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10 Things a New Runner Needs for Summer Training

When I returned to running, I was a relatively new single mom on a very low income.   My funds were very limited at the time, but I knew I needed to get healthy and running was my method of … Continue reading

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Q&A with David: What My Husband Thinks About Me Running

I was inspired by T-Rex Runner and her recent post about what her husband thinks about her running and I figured this was a good way to reintroduce myself to blogging.  I’m just going to tell you upfront, my husband apparently … Continue reading

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Beyond My Belief

Last night, I was asked to participate in a word association game.  For this, I was to hold onto the first word or phrase that popped in my head when presented with the word.  Why don’t you do the same? Ready? … Continue reading

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FFTT Final Week

I got a little behind…  ahem… 5 weeks… posting about our training but my team keeps me honest.  During our final group run today, they started asking “HEY!  What about all the pictures we stopped for?” Well, I have a … Continue reading

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FFTT Week 6

Happy Friday! I saw quite a few of you out at the “Run with Meb” event. Wasn’t he just amazing? So humble and funny! A couple of things I took away from Meb at this event: Blisters – Meb called … Continue reading

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FFTT Week 5

I hope you are having a great day!  This week has been hectic and I haven’t been able to get my runs in like I normally do.  When my schedule gets out of whack, I get feel out of whack, … Continue reading

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